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The UFG Campus in the City of Goiás houses seven undergraduate courses:

  • Architecture and Urbanism – Bachelor Degree
  • Education/Natural Sciences (Educação do Campo - Ciências da Natureza) – Teacher Training
  • Law – Bachelor Degree
  • Management – Bachelor Degree
  • Philosophy (B) – Bachelor Degree
  • Philosophy (T) – Teacher Training
  • Social Work - Bachelor Degree

About the city

The city has the same name of the state of Goiás. It is the ancient capital of the State of Goiás. Since 2001 it has been recognized as a Cultural and Historical Site by the UNESCO. It is a city with characteristics from the colonial period: urban landscape marked by the architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries, and diverse cultural knowledge. The landscape around it reveals the originality of the cerrado, having the Serra Dourada as one of the city's postcards.

Foto Goiás Weberson

Carnival in Goiás. Photo taken by Weberson Dias

Foto extraída de https://www.ufg.br/p/27153-regionais

Special Academic Unit of Human Sciences. Photo extracted from UFG portal.